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Shekhar Parmar

Chief Strategy Officer, Beacon Medical

How the legalization of recreational cannabis will change the medical cannabis industry is a question on the minds of many Canadians. Here’s a simple guide to understanding why medical cannabis patients should strongly consider staying in the medical space after Oct. 17.

Streamlined Access

Patients will still be able to order directly from Licensed Producers with great shipping terms.

The medical system already has well-established and well-functioning delivery mechanisms for patients. Some licensed producers, like Beacon Medical, offer free shipping to anywhere in Canada with no minimum purchase required. In addition, they’ll often send accessories and other tools along with the medication to optimize the patient experience.

Price & Tax Advantages

Medical cannabis will likely be less expensive than recreational cannabis in Canada.

Medical licensed producers sell directly to patients allowing them to set the price themselves and avoid the distribution fees that patients would encounter in retail. Licensed producers also work to make sure groups of patients who would benefit from treatment get fair access to medicinal cannabis.

Beacon Medical offers an industry-leading 20 percent discount for senior citizens, first-responders, income-sensitive patients, as well as full coverage for veterans.

The money spent on medical cannabis can also be treated as an eligible medical tax expense, allowing patients to save even more.


Insurance plans and institutions are evolving to address medical cannabis.

New insurance products are emerging which will include partial or full coverage to treat medical conditions. Many patients can already use their Health Spending Amounts to cover the cost of medical cannabis.

Unions and other institutions are also starting to offer coverage to their members towards the cost of medical cannabis. Novel products and delivery mechanisms intended solely for medical treatment may garner future coverage.

Guidance & Support

Specially-trained educators are equipped to help you find medical cannabis for your medical needs.

Doctors and educators employed at clinics will continue to play a critical role helping patients to explore medical cannabis by providing suggestions on the types of products and strains that maybe best-suited to treating medical conditions. They also play an important role in suggesting the right treatment approach including dosing quantities and timing instructions. Bud tenders, the employees dispensing cannabis at stores, will be prohibited from discussing the therapeutic benefits of cannabis or recommending strains to treat any symptoms.

Consumption & Possession

Medical patients will likely be exempt from public consumption bans.

While many cities and towns will be restrictive in where recreational cannabis can be consumed, medical cannabis patients are often exempt from such restrictions. Medical users are also able to possess up to 150g or a 30-day supply (whichever is less), while recreational users will be restricted to having 30g. Medical users also benefit from certain legal protections and accommodations that will not apply to recreational users.

Shekhar Parmar, Chief Strategy Officer, Beacon Medical

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