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Why Cannabis Oils Have A Bright Future in the Industry

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When recreational cannabis is legalized later this year, Canadians who would not have otherwise considered using it might be more willing to explore how medical cannabis can positively influence their overall well-being.

Though most of us are familiar on some level with cannabis, many are unaware that it also comes in a liquid form known as cannabis concentrate.“Cannabis concentrates are oil-based products made from dried cannabis,” explains Keith Strachan, Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development with MediPharm Labs. “Cannabis becomes an oil through supercritical CO2extraction methodology, the safest and purest method available.” This process creates a concentrated form of cannabis oil that patients or recreational consumers can use in an array of different end products.

With oil, you can ingest a single dose on your tongue which is much more discrete and simpler to use.

Keith Strachan

A significant part of the industry

Cannabis oils are poised to be one of the most valuable medicinal products in the cannabis industry because of the ease of use they provide. “With oil, you can ingest a single dose on your tongue which is much more discrete and simpler to use,” says Strachan. “Not having to smoke appeals to a wide demographic who are being treated for things like sleep apnea, inflammation, arthritis, and anxiety.”

He also emphasizes that oil offers users much more accurate dosing than dried cannabis. “Cannabis oil is suspended in a food-grade suspension liquid [MCT is coconut oil-derived] and individuals can use a sublingual dropper to take the exact number of milligrams they’re prescribed.”

Strachan is just as enthusiastic about the popularity of cannabis concentrates in the recreational market. As he sees it, the opportunities are endless. “We can make a pure, accurately-dosed oil that’s tasteless, odourless, and able to be infused within a beverage. Concentrates can also be used in vape pens. If the cartridges are filled with a concentrate that’s from a pure, accurate and trustworthy provider, people know they’re not inhaling any impurities.”

An opportunity ripe for the processing

It’s clear that MediPharm Labs will play a crucial role in Canada’s cannabis industry. The company runs a pharmaceutical-grade operation with ISO-rated laboratory clean rooms where micro-particles can be controlled to ensure purity and quality. They are the only licensed producer approved solely for oil production, and it’s this focus that allows the company to excel. “MediPharm Labs’ primary focus on cannabis concentrates lets us put all of our attention on purity, safety, and precise dosing so we can achieve our goal of trust and assurance for cannabis concentrate users and patients.”

Strachan is confident about the company’s future. That perspective is one that companies across the industry are feeling, as the opportunity to continue innovating will be nearly unlimited in the early days of nationwide legalization. “We want to make sure that MediPharm is a leader,” he says. “That’s why we invest in things like research and development in new extraction and delivery methodologies. It’s an exciting time.”

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